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Thatch Roof Construction

New Thatch roofs

Thatch roof builders

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New Thatch Roof

Areas that we work in

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Brits, Rustenburg, Limpopo, Hartbeespoort dam, Magaliesburg, Centurion.

ER Thatch Roof Products in Pretoria

Lightning Conductors | Weerlig afleier
Weerlig Afleier Pretoria Lightning Conductors Pretoria

ER Thatch roofs specialize nationwide in the, installation and maintenance of lightning conductors for the protection of thatched roofs according to SABS Standards.

build lightning conductors Pretoria

Installeer en bou weerlig Afleiers vir Grasdakke en Lapas. | Install and build lightning conductors for thatch roofs.

SABS treatment of poles
Bou van Grasdak Grasdak pale Pretoria

All our construction poles are SABS standard. We use CCA treated poles for the construction of the thatch roof.

Thatching material for thatch roof construction. Sizes and names of the construction poles:

  • Hips (75/99 or 100/124)
  • Kappe (75/99 0r 100/124)
  • King post (100/124)
  • Crosses (100/124)
  • Rimgbeam (124/149)
  • Fillers / short legs (75/99 or 100/124)
  • Ridging pole / Nok paal (100/124)
  • Stand Poles / Staan pale (150/175)
  • Lathes / Latte
  • other material that we also use for thatch roofs
  • Fiberglass Ridging / Nokke
  • Wire / Draad
  • Tou
  • Nails / Spykers
  • Treaded Rods
  • Nuts & washers
construction of thatch roof Pretoria

It is local metropolitan municipality specifications and acceptable for insurance purposes.

Fiberglass Ridging | Nokke
Fiberglass Ridging Pretoria

Fibreglass ridging is used on top of a thatched roof and adds protective, as well as decorative value.

Fibreglass is able to withstand hail, rain, temperature fluctuations and looks better than anything else on the market.

Fiberglass ridging on top of thatch roof.

  • Install fiberglass ridging on your thatch roof.
  • Repair fiberglass ridging on your thatch roof.
  • Seal fiberglass ridging on your thatch roof.

Please contact us for a quotation.

Thatching Grass and Cape Reed | Dek Gras en Dekriet
Cape Reed Pretoria Thatch Grass Pretoria

We use highveld thatch grass for thatching and Cape Reed for the ceiling inside the thatch roof.

Thatching grass for Lapa.

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